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We take pride in the care and professionalism with which we approach all of our projects, whether they are large or small. in the arts of cinematography, video editing, illustration, and animation.

Short video highlighting a few projects with animated insterstitials is shown above.
Illustrator's notes
Rafael's adventures continue
The second book in the Rafael series is currently being written and illlustrated,.  We will finally get to learn what happens to the young bird after he is ripped away from his family by local poachers and  gets adopted by an alligator family.  The first book, As Free As A Bird, written by Charlie Meyers & illustrated by Lauri Rodriguez is on sale at
As Free As A Bird
Animator's notes
The Rafael animations are currently underway.
Several animation episodes have been written and recorded.  The animation for the episodes is ongoing.  We are excited to be able to unveil the project sometime soon.
Book Reviews
"The story is delightful - so many discussion points when reading with a child.  The illustration throughout the book is just Wow!"

"...the narrative taps into major relationship and universal issues and neither waters them down or sensationalizes them.  The art work is striking and supports your imaginative and educational presentation of the assorted beings Rafael encounters."
My son "was asked by his preschool teacher to bring his favorite book to class so he could discuss what it's about with his fellow classmates.  Out of his 100+ books he picked As Free As A Bird as his favorite!"